Grace Classes

Grace Classes focus on personal spiritual renewal, biblical and theological foundations and practical instruction to experience what it means to live a life of renewal and spiritual vitality.

Our desire is for everyone to take an occasional four or six week class throughout the year to grow deeper in their gospel understanding. If you are interested in a more in depth study, ask Colin about serving on a Round Table.

New classes are in the works and will begin August 27!

New for the Fall: 3 ways to take a class!

  • Live / Come to Class on Sunday AM
  • Live / Online via Zoom
  • Pre-recorded / Self Pace

Classes include:

Unlimited Grace taught by elder, Ken Downer going through the book: Grace Unlimited. This class will meet during the 2nd Service.

An Equipping Class: combines How People Change and Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands which will meet during the 2nd service.

Membership Class (Welcome Class): Will cover all information about Grace for the New Members process. Meets during the 2nd service

A Biblical Studies Class focused on the Parables of Christ taught by elder, Tom Ross. Class meeting time TBA.

A Missional Living Class, taught by Craig Lotz going through the book: Movies are Prayers. Class is limited to 12. Class time TBA.

A Gospel Centered Relationships Class focused on depression led by Colin Thornley and Jenita Pace (An online Zoom Class) beginning in October.

A Men's Study led by Dave Bokmiller going through the book: The Imperfect Disciple.

A Women's Study on Friday Mornings beginning mid September

If you have any questions about classes this fall please contact John Shelley at