2017 Year End Giving

This year, we are sharing our Year-End Giving efforts relationally and financially. Your contributions will provide assistance for Interfaith Assistance Ministries (IAM) of Henderson County (www.iamhendersoncounty.org) and our own Grace Mills River Diaconate Fund. IAM is committed to meeting the basic needs of Henderson County families in financial crisis. The Diaconate Fund is committed to meeting needs of the Grace Mills River body during times of need. If you are unable to give financially but would like to support IAM through service, see their website for volunteer opportunities.Details will be shared soon with ways in which to serve and support Grace Diaconate.

Write “2017 Year End Giving” in the memo of your year end giving check and place your check in any of the offering boxes around the church before December 31 or mail it postmarked by December 31, or give online by December 31.

Give Online


For contributions: Becky Phillips
For Grace Diaconate: Colin Thornley
For Interfaith Assistance Ministries: www.iamhendersoncounty.org