We will hold a Congregational Meeting in conjunction with the Sunday outdoor worship service on Sunday, November 22.

by on October 21, 2020

We will hold a Congregational Meeting in conjunction with the  worship service on Sunday, November 22.

We will vote for the following Officer Candidates:

Brad Greene - Deacon
Bob Giles - Deacon
Alan Verm - Elder
Paul Shogren - Deacon

Meet the Candidates

Bob Giles, Deacon Candidate

Bob has been married to Jansen for 46 years. They had three sons: Clay, Jake and Kevin. Their eldest son Clay passed away in the summer of 2019 after a brief illness. Middle son, Jake, is married to Beth and is a pastor in British Columbia. They are the parents of five boys, the only grandchildren. Youngest son, Kevin, is married to Brittany. They live and work in Asheville.

Bob was educated as a scientist and holds a Ph.D. in immunology and medical microbiology from the University of Florida Medical Center. Bob and Jansen raised their boys in Dallas Texas where Bob was the scientific director of a DNA testing laboratory. Bob and Jansen, along with their oldest son Clay, moved to Asheville in 2008. With this move Bob became Vice President of Lab Operations for Genova Diagnostics. He retired from Genova in 2014. Bob and Jansen moved to Mills River in 2018 to be closer to church and friends. They stay busy working in their yard and enjoy traveling and hiking, spending time with their Care Group, and loving on their dog, Atticus.

Bob became a Christian through Vacation Bible School at the age of nine. While in college at Mississippi State University, he was very involved with Campus Crusade for Christ. As an adult he has served previous churches as a teacher, deacon and elder. Currently he serves regularly with LOT Ministry and as a flock advocate at GMR.


Brad Greene, Deacon Candidate

1. Please tell us about your family.
I have been married for 19 years, this week!, to Alicia. We have three sons you may have seen running around the church, on any given Sunday, or elsewhere -Woody (16), Roscoe (13) and Obie (10).

2. Please tell us about your career status or occupation.
I have been in the building industry for nigh on 25 years. I built water parks all across the country for many years, then began my own business as a contractor, here locally, for several years. We recently closed the doors on that little business and I went to work for a commercial construction firm based in Asheville.

3. How long have you been a Christian?
I felt God’s presence in my life at an early age. I spent a notable amount of time involved in various activities; summer time VBS, feeling led to be in the church and church activities in Pisgah Forest well into my early teen years. Then I went off the rails, in my rebellious late teens, and didn’t think about God all that often. In my mid-twenties I realized God, however, had not forgotten about me. In meeting my wife, God used Alicia to bring me back around to my faith; to show me His love, His grace and His compassion and to once again help me to feel His embrace. Throughout the last 19 years I’ve grown in that, not always well or quickly but, steadily and in ways and by means that I would have never anticipated. I am so thankful to Him!

4. Ministry Experience Inside / Outside of GMR
We joined Grace MR in 2004. I began serving within our church by volunteering with the tech team a few years later. I was involved in children’s ministry for several years (really just being Alicia’s sidekick). I am currently on the Facilities Committee, although there hasn’t been much to consider there in our current season, and I have been involved in short term missions. One of the most meaningful trips I have taken was to Chile in the Spring of 2018 when Woody and I went with Scott Parrish and several others to help with a building project. I’m looking forward to an opportunity to do the same with Roscoe in the near future. I love helping folks with their practical needs.


Paul Shogren, Deacon Candidate

1. Please tell us about your family.
I am married to Esther and we have four adult children and two grandchildren. We have lived in Henderson County for over 23 years and our kids have gone through Henderson County schools, Blue Ridge Community College and Appalachian State. Our three boys (Will, Lee and Jesse) live in the county and our daughter Betsy moved to Oregon about six years ago.

2. Please tell us about your career status or occupation.
I retired as a health care administrator three years ago after 30 years in that profession. Before that I was a Naval Flight officer, 10 years active duty and 15 more in the reserves overlapping with my health care career.

3. Why are you interested in serving as a deacon?
Esther and I have served in the café, assisted with communion and as greeters as well as helping set up and cleanup activities for events over the past 18 years at GMR and are Flock Advocates.

I have been involved in the men’s group which met on Saturdays before Covid. This group has placed a high value on service to people. I was drawn to mercy ministries and being able to help people in our church in a practical, hands on way. I feel that is where I can best serve.

4. How long have you been a Christian?
I received Christ as a senior in college in 1974. I was able to continue my spiritual walk and growth in the Navy in the Navigator ministry. I met Esther in a Navigator bible study. We have been Presbyterian Church in America members for about 28 years.


Alan Verm, Elder Candidate

1. Please tell us about your family.
Leigh and I have been married for 26 years. We met in college and now have three children: Chase 19, Katherine, 18 and Elizabeth 11. Chase is a sophomore at NC State studying mechanical engineering. Katherine is a senior in high school, plays soccer, and is applying to colleges. Elizabeth is finally in middle school and loves having a locker.

2. Please tell us about your vocation.
I am an ophthalmologist in Hendersonville with Looking Glass Eye Center. I attended medical school in Houston, my hometown, and trained in both Miami (too hot) and Minneapolis (too cold). We moved to the area in 2002 and have loved living, working, and raising a family in beautiful WNC (just right).

3. How long have you been a Christian?
Having been a missionary kid in Central and South America I am thankful that even an early age I thought of myself as a Christian. As a young adult in college I began to pursue knowing God and folIowing Christ. During medical school I learned how little I can control and how much we all depend on God's grace. I am thankful that God's Spirit is sanctifying me as I continue to mature into who he created me to become.

4. Ministry Experience Inside/Outside GMR
In college I was involved with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and helped lead small groups. During medical school Leigh and I both served as youth group volunteers at our church. Here at GMR our family has been blessed by our relationship with the ministry in Honduras. Leigh and I have visited Honduras twice and Katherine has gone five times. I have been involved in a ministry outside of GMR called David's Men for the last 4 years. I am hoping to continue to build relationships within GMR as we all learn to trust God together.