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Enter In: An Advent Series in Jonah

Enter In: An Advent Series in Jonah

On December 3, we will begin our season of advent with a series in the book of Jonah.

“Echo chambers,” “safe spaces,” “thought silos”: they speak of a common impulse to retreat into communities of agreement as a refuge in a polarized and hostile culture. But to inhabit those communities is at the same time to think of other perspectives as Other with a capital O, which cultivates a habit of either steering clear or casting stones—never entering into their world to offer respect or to bring our best gifts. Jonah is an ancient story that reflects that modern predicament. It’s a story we need to hear if only to see ourselves—but moreover to grapple with the One who came later, who entered into a place of polarization and hostility to bring His best gifts, and whose birth we remember this Advent.