Global Missions Fair 2018

Thank you!

A big THANK YOU to all who generously contributed to the 2018 Global Missions Fair in October. All of the projects received helpful contributions! We are excited to share that $16,800 was received to help our missionaries and work around the world! Grace Mills River is supporting our Grace Missionaries with the following amounts:

Global Mission Fair Ticket Donations & Silent Auction Items will support missions in the following amounts:

  • $2,670 to Honduras Fountain of Life to support their general fund, the school & medical clinic
  • $1,080 to Christ School to Bundibugyo, Uganda to support their students with tuition & school supplies
  • $970 to New Life Primary School to Hoima, Uganda to support their students with tuition & school supplies
  • $490 to Derrick & Katie Allen’s launching expenses with Serge
  • $850 to Gary & Ashley Helms to support their work in London with Serge
  • $1,290 to supplies for the Uganda Mission Team traveling in February 2019
  • $1700 to Knickers for New Life (KFNL) to purchase supplies for the students
  • $1,120 to General Global Missions Fund to be used throughout the year as missionary needs arise

Sales from the Bead Workshop & Asante, Scents for a Cause, will support KFNL in the amount of $6,650.

Special Projects Supported by the 2018 Global Missions Fair

Educate a Child: Honduras Fountain of Life
Missionary: Yobani Alas

In Honduras, many children never get the opportunity to attend school because of the cost. The Honduras Fountain of Life school teaches over 400 students who attend grades Kindergarten through 12th grade. Students give what they can, but most can give very little. God has provided the buildings, but the challenge now is providing the money for the school to remain open.

Educate a Child: New Life Primary School
Missionaries: Edward and Christine Isingoma

New Life Primary School is located in Hoima, Uganda. It was started in 2008 with 27 pupils. A new school building was built in 2018 and enrollment is now 328 with classes from kindergarten through sixth grade. Most children attending are poor/orphaned, and under-resourced.

Educate a Child: Christ School Budibugyo
Missionary: Ann Kieser

Many children in Uganda have lost one or more parents to war or disease and have limited opportunities to escape poverty. They have no hope of secondary schooling as it is not free in Uganda. Christ School in Bundibugyo was founded by Serge with the goal to empower students with an education.

Give these amounts to provide for one child for one year:
$300 = tuition/room & board in Honduras
$40 = a backpack and supplies in Honduras
$120 = tuition in Hoima, Uganda
$30 = school supplies in Hoima, Uganda
$600 =tuition/boarding/supplies in Bundibugyo, Uganda
$50 = school supplies in Bundibugyo, Uganda

Knickers for New Life

KFNL’s work developed from obvious needs that are best addressed together. Our unique grouping of emptiable latrine construction, handwash stations/soap, knickers and MakaPads for girls, and KFNL Puberty Guides for boys and girls creates synergy to raise up schools. KFNL has strong relationships with each partner school and works together with them to improve health/hygiene, with special focus on what helps girls stay in school.
Come to a workshop – bring friends! Purchase our jewelry or H2H soap – 100% of net proceeds fund projects in Uganda. Charitable donations of any size are welcome!

$35 supplies a girl’s needs to stay in school one year.
$100 buys a handwash station with soap for a year
$7000 builds a 6 stall pit latrine

Short-Term Trips

We’d love for you to prayerfully consider joining us for a future short-term mission trip in the coming year! Where are we going?

  • Honduras Fountain of Life Trip December 2018
    If interested contact Jim Pearce at
  • Honduras Fountain of Life Women’s Trip February 2019
    If interested contact Jim Pearce at
  • Knickers for New Life Uganda / Africa Trip February 2019
    This trip is fully booked, however support is needed for school and medical supplies totalling about $1500. If interested contact Watha Kollmeyer at
Send a Missionary

DERRICK & KATIE A. will be serving in N. Africa. Please be sure to stop by their information table on the dates of the fair for specifics about their journey!

GARY & ASHLEY HELMS are currently serving in London. Please be sure to stop by their information table on the dates of the fair for specifics about their journey!

Support Grace Missionaries

Your missionaries receive support from Grace, which covers about 10-15% of their total required needs. The majority of their support comes from private individuals who give support donations on an on-going basis. To become a long-term supporter, please drop by and pick up materials in the gallery hall to learn how.