Grace Centre Gallery, Mills River, NC proudly presents the 16th Annual Juried Art Exhibition!

by Molly Angel on November 05, 2018

16th Annual Juried Art Exhibition 2018

Grace Centre Gallery, Mills River, NC proudly presents the 16th Annual Juried Art Exhibition! Our opening reception was held on November 3, 2018 at 6:30pm. Thank you to our 2018 Juror, Virginia Derryberry of UNC-Asheville, and all of the artists who submitted work for the exhibit.

Jurying Process

"I was very impressed and pleased to see the high quality of work submitted by so many entrants to this exhibition, even though that meant that it would be difficult to decide on who would be included. That part of the process was done online.

In general, these are the criteria I used: First, I looked for artwork that really caught my eye in terms of quality of making but also in terms of clarity and originality of ideas being expressed. I also wanted to have the exhibition represent a variety of media and subject matter and feel very pleased to see the results of that process hanging in this lovely gallery.

Choosing the award winners from almost 40 pieces was even more challenging, and I'm glad that I could do that in person. Earlier I mentioned that I chose art that engages the viewers, and I'd like to expand on that thought a bit to give you an idea of how I made final decision for awardees. What I mean by "eye catching" is that for me, a work of art must be strong enough to pull me in from a distance and then when I move closer, it must be powerful enough to keep me there to look and to think about what I am seeing. All of the award winners, in my opinion, not only did this but the strength of the imagery pulled me from a distance to intimacy over and over again. I hope that you are also being engaged with the work in the exhibition. Aiming for this kind of communication is the driving force behind what I do as an artist as well."

-Juror, Virginia Derryberry

Congratulations to this year's winners:

Best in Show:
“The Furies III - Hurricane Maria” | Oil on Aluminum by Jason Rafferty

First Place:
“The Other Side” | Oil by Tina Duncan

Second Place:
“The Gardener” | Oil, Wax and Gold Leaf by Grace Carol Bomer

Best Emerging Artist:
“Same View” | Ash, Steel, Screen and Hardware by Jeb Hedgecock

Honorable Mentions:


"A Dash of Primary Colors" | Colored pencil by Faith Wheeler

"Cowardice Gets You Nothing" | Photography by Shawn Winebrenner 

"Androgyny" | Oil by Ariel Shefsky 

"Love Asheville" | Pen and ink by Wesley Joines

"Entrapment: Recovery" | Fiber mixed media by Beth Sanders