Grace Gallery welcomes Roxana Sinex

by on February 05, 2020

Artist Reception in the Gallery, Sunday February 9, 2020!
Thank you to local painter, Roxana Sinex, for exhibiting her work in the gallery. A retired architect, Sinex was awarded second place in our annual juried show and has been painting for many years. We invite you to welcome her during a brief reception that will be held between the worship services on Sunday morning, February 9th at 10am in the gallery.

Artist Statement

Life Paths
Life is a path we travel, first led by our parents, then in school where we are faced with the influences of teachers and other children. When high school ends and beyond, we face some difficult intersections. Do we have a map of where we want to go from here? Do we have any idea where we want to be?

The paths we choose to travel form the direction of our lives. Do we walk through the forest or desert? Do we choose to scale rough craggy peaks far above the tree line to see stupendous views or do we choose wildflower covered meadows criss-crossed with gurgling streams?

What we experience along our chosen path depends in part on whether we enjoy pausing to focus on what lies along the way or whether we prefer to sail right by in a hurry to reach our destination. There is no wrong or right to our chosen pace, but understanding where we want to end up and who we want to be when we get there helps us to both enjoy the walk and be happy with where we end up.

"I cannot ignore the familiar poem:
“Two roads diverged in a wood,
And I took the road less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.
-Robert Frost

Contact information:
Artist: Roxana Sinex
Address: PO Box 31093, Greenville, SC 2960