Welcome! It is our desire to partner with and support parents, showing each child "All About Jesus: beginning to end" -- Genesis through Revelation, infancy to old age.

Join Us!

If you are new, we encourage you to check in at the children's welcome desk in the main building where volunteers can help direct you to your children's classes. 3rd-5th graders are invited to go directly to service for worship singing with families before being dismissed to their classes.

2018 Summer Art & Drama Camps

CHildren's Ministry News:

ATTENTION PARENTS!! We have a fun project for you!
Hey parents of GMR kids, Patrick has a little request for you:

Our new sermon series turns our attention to Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). You may know that sermon begins with the “Beatitudes”—the nine curious affirmations of what life with God looks like. I wonder if you might help me make heads or tails of those introductory statements—but in a fun way that involves your kids?

Here’s what I’m asking: grab your phone or other video recording device, find a well-lit spot free of distractions and extra noise, and then ask your kid(s) to sit down so you can ask them two questions on camera (don’t tell them what they are before you film; we want spontaneity). Here are the two questions: 1) What makes you happy? And 2) How does someone stay happy? Then let ‘em speak until they’re done. Distant gazes, confused looks, rambling answers are all just fine. They’re kids! And feel free to “compose your scene” in some fun spot that captures something about your family. (see this link for tips on composing your video!)

Then when you’ve got your raw video, send us the file (or some link to the file if it’s too big to email) to . Feel free to email us if you have questions.

Children's Ministry collects kid-friendly food at the Children's Welcome Desk Sept-May for Glen Marlow's Bakpak program. This feeds children in need each weekend and is the ""school year"" version of Feed the Need. Non-perishable ""ready made"" food items (pop top pasta, granola bars, Easy mac) are needed.

Volunteers Needed in CM
Volunteers are needed for Dec/Jan/Feb at the children's welcome desk and as assistants in classrooms. Contact us for more information ( )

Weekly Sunday Mornings in Children's Ministry

Preschool Ages: Birth - Pre K

Loving care is given to all children, but especially babies through 4-year olds since separation from parents can sometimes be difficult. Children "move up" from the baby to toddler room as they are able to walk independently and sit for a snack and short Bible story.  2-4 year old children move up each August as the new school year begins.  Weekly interactive Bible lessons begin at age two which include songs, crafts, activities, and dramatic play.

Elementary Classes: Kindergarten - 5th Grade

Students are divided by age and gender to present the gospel in the most meaningful way. PreK-5th students learn one Bible verse each month so families can work on it together. Parents are encouraged to visit or help in class, and to use the take-home papers to continue conversations at home.

Older Elementary Kids Join in Worship!

We are excited to come together as a body to worship and build community across generations! Our 3rd-5th graders go directly to worship service with their family to join them for worship singing. After the music, they are dismissed through the side door to the Children’s Hallway where teachers will take them to class. Children younger than third grade are very welcome in service as well – parents will need to walk them to class and sign them in.

If you have any questions, feel free to stop by the Children’s Welcome Desk in the CM Hallway, or contact us at 891-2006 or email

Opportunities to Serve

There is always room for more volunteers in Children's Ministry! Please contact us if you are interested in teaching, helping, greeting at the welcome desk, or working behind the scenes. We can work with your schedule (once a month, once a quarter, weekly, bi-weekly) and in your area/age of interest and passion. This is a wonderful way to connect with others while serving the children and families of Grace!

Contact Children's Ministry about ministry opportunities: , 891-2006 ext 133 or download the Volunteer Application


All teachers are required to submit to a thorough background check. In addition all teacher helpers must attend training.