Global Missions

Global Missions Fair - Thank you!
A big THANK YOU to all who generously contributed to the 2017 Global Missions Fair. All the projects have received helpful contributions! Thank you!

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Global Missions: Donations for Honduras
For the past 14 years Grace has worked with an orphanage in Honduras. A team from Grace will be going the day after Christmas and they would like to take supplies with them. We are collection donations of soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, underwear for all size girls from 4 to 17 years old, hair scrunchies. Please put these in the Honduras box in the main Church office. Thank you! Please visit for details on how you can be involved.

Christmas Sponsors for HFoL
Grace colabors with Honduras Fountain of Life in serving an orphanage in Honduras. Would you like to sponsor either one of the little girls or an orphanage staff member for Christmas? Please pick a name of of the tree in the lobby Dec.3 or 10.

HFOL Ladies Mission Trip
Attention ladies! Would you be interested in serving and loving 50 ladies in leadership of a local church in Honduras on a mission trip? For the 5th year, Grace will send a team to serve with Honduras Fountain of Life, to love and be loved at the end of January. First meeting is on Sunday, November 19, after the second service. If you are curious, please contact Debbi Rayl,

About Global Missions at Grace

Our call is to bring grace to both the church and the world because we know that grace is for both the believer and the unbeliever.

We believe that in Christ all national and cultural divisions can be overcome and will one day disappear. Since we believe we are one in Christ and that all are equally valuable before God, in our mission work we represent Christ and His kingdom, not America or evangelical western sub-culture. Christ's incarnation is our pattern - we leave our 'heaven' to enter another world. Though we may never leave our culture completely, we can value others and work for unity in Christ. We cannot compromise the core message of the gospel, but we are called to translate that into the new cultures God calls us into.

Relationships are central to our calling, to the way we work together with others in missions, and to those we seek to draw to faith. Relationships are a tangible way we express the love that comes from our faith. In mission work we are committed to loving others by working in teams, sharing ministry with other denominations and boards as an expression of our unity in Christ and building partnerships with indigenous leaders where we work as students, peers and servant leaders to strengthen local works.

Missions is done in many ways with many strategies. Often mission workers, national pastors, and boards tend to 'compete' for affection and money by claiming that their way is best, exclusive or is what God is currently doing. Grace is committed to a unified rather than a competitive approach. Grace supports short-term workers, missionaries, boards and national pastors/workers. We believe that mission work can best be done when each kind of effort cooperates with each other and ideally has some functional and supportive relationship.

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