Our Values

The Bible describes Jesus as one who was "full of grace and truth" (John 1:14,17). The two go together. God's grace is always truthful, and His truth is always graceful. Truth without grace is oppressive; grace without truth is permissive. To divorce them creates something that is not real Christianity. Our goal in following Jesus is to likewise be full of grace and truth. Uniting grace and truth means, among other things that we are a church striving to be our core values.



We rely together on His written word to show us who He really is, how much He cherishes us and how to love each other.


All of the beauty we create reflects His beauty and arises from the heart, mind and soul He has given us.


God draws us further into relationship with Himself, our only hope for true joy and change.


God's extravagant and passionate love moves us to worship Him and share His goodness with each other and beyond the boundaries of our church.


God's forgiveness and love invite us to continue to face the darkest truths about our self-centered lives.


We don't despair in what we see because we know that the battle for our souls has been won. We trust Christ, our Savior, to continue to change us and use us for His loving purposes.


We too often live in lonely independence. God has chosen to provide His love and care for us through each other, despite and often through our weakness.


We reflect God’s generosity toward us as we trust in His abundant provision. We give out of faithful dependence on God and not from our own resources.