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Grace Diaconate: Serving One Another Through Mercy

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Do you have a need or know of a need in which the Diaconate may provide or connect resources? Please let us know by emailing

The role of the diaconate is to minister to those in need or distress. In addition, it is their responsibility to collect the gifts of the people, and to share these gifts among the community of Grace Mills River.

Out of a desire to better meet the needs of the body, especially during times of crisis and illness, the Deacons would like to enlist your help. What skills or talents do you have? Would you be willing to partner with us to use those gifts as a way to encourage and care for our church family? Please fill out the Give Help Form so that we may contact you as needs arise. Information will only be accessible by staff and church leadership.

Mercy Ministry Principles

  1. Mercy Ministry should be motivated by our understanding of God’s grace and the gospel which results in adoration and gratitude to God  and the desire to serve our Father through serving/loving others. 
  2. Christ’s mercy for us was not based on worthiness… our mercy to others should also not be based on worthiness.
  3. Our outpouring of generosity to others should be based on the undeserving mercy/grace that we received. 
  4. Mercy ministry is our opportunity of being the “hands and feet of Jesus” through deeds, compassion, support for others.
  5. Humility is a core principle in what we do. We are not doing this for attention, recognition, to make ourselves feel better, to look better in God’s eyes. It is not about us, it is about Him. “We love because he first loved us.” He was amazingly generous to us so we choose generosity to others.
  6. Scripture calls us (not optional) to care for the vulnerable, marginalized, poor, widows, immigrants and orphans. Jesus talked about this repeatedly. Every human being is created in and bears the image of God and deserves human dignity. We help to provide that dignity.
  7. Much of the work of the diaconate is to provide relief to someone in need with the ultimate objective of them achieving self sufficiency.
  8. “Faith without works is dead”. You can’t just love people through words and evangelism and ignore meeting their practical and material needs through deeds. That is why the diaconate and what we do is sooooo important to the church. You can’t separate the Word from deeds. Mercy is a mandated work of the church just as the ministry of the Word.

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Mercy Ministry Opportunities

Meal Trains
Meal Trains are a new tool that are organized by our Deacons. We have been able to bless a few families recently with meals. We need more folks that are willing to receive these meal trains and provide meals to those in need. If you are interested in this ministry - contact either Sheryl Mathis ( ) or Julie Ledford ( ).

Our Journey of Hope | Cancer Care Ministry
Do you know someone who is battling cancer- a neighbor, friend or loved one? Our Journey of Hope is a biblically-based cancer care ministry open to anyone who is ready to make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. We want to bring practical support and the hope of Christ to every person in our congregation and community affected by this illness.

For additional information or questions please contact Kathie Sorenson:

Prayer Team
We want to pray for you! Please share your requests with our prayer team, church leadership, or Grace family. Members of our prayer team will receive and pray for your requests. Email your prayer requests to

The Prayer team meets every Sunday between services in room 130. Anyone wishing to participate can attend.To learn more about the prayer team contact Dave Bokmiller:

Memorial Service Team
A Memorial Service Team has been established at Grace to perform the duties involved in conducting a memorial service at the church such as set up, greeting, clean up, etc. To learn more about the memorial service team contact Dave Bokmiller:

Widows Group
The widows group is currently meeting and having wonderful fellowship. The deaconesses are letting it organically grow and become a place to meet and share. This group meets once a month, usually the 3rd Friday at 2:30pm. Contact Fran LI at: 239-248-2477 or to confirm day, time and location.