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    Leadership News: Staff Transitions

    07.16.18 | Leadership News | by Stacey Chacon

    Dusty Campbell, PT Stage & Screen Director, and Jenn Odom, PT Children’s Ministry, have resigned from their Grace staff positions. If you would like to thank them for their contributions to Grace, a table is located in the promo area to...

      New Interim Worship & Arts Pastor

      06.06.18 | Leadership News

      New Interim Worship & Arts Pastor, Ben Seneker Ben Seneker was recently approved by Session to move into a new role, Interim Worship & Arts Pastor for Grace Mills River. Ben will provide leadership and pastoral shepherding to the Worship...

      2018 Officer Nominees

      03.08.18 | Leadership News | by Stacey Chacon

      The 2017 candidates for the offices of Elders and Diaconate have completed their training. A handout introducing these candidates is available at the Info Desk or download the PDF below. We will hold a brief Congregational Meeting on April 8...